LFGdating 2018 Web, App Dev Update

2018 Dev Update: Apps, Web, Features, and More

These are my favorite posts of the year – not just because we get to pull the curtain back a bit to show the LFGdating community what we have in store for the upcoming year, but because we get to look back and see just how far we’ve come since our beta.  And oh man have we come a long ways – especially on the dev end of the house.  So let’s pull the 2018 curtain back then, shall we?

LFGdating Coming Soon to iOSOf course LFGdating's iOS app should get this kind of launch treatment!

The app – this is LFGdating’s main effort in 2018, and we’re not just talking from a dev perspective.  All I can say is just wait, folks: just wait for the awesome swiping/gesture technology that we’ve already got built in, wait for the exclusive testing invite we’ll be sending to our lifetime members, wait for insane influx of new members that will flood in via the app store, wait for the simple, but elegant and modern design that LFGdating has been known for, and wait for the launch events: the PR, the publicity, and the marketing effort Casey and I have planned for this because it’s going to be huge.

Mark your iPhone calendars for Q2 2018, because the LFGdating iOS app is right around the corner.

Multiple Ginormous Web Features, Updates Coming

Where do I even start on the web side of things?  While the mobile app certainly takes center stage, we have an equally impressive line of updates, new features, and behind the scenes upgrades to the LFGdating web app that are really going to further cement LFGdating.com as the premier gamer dating site on planet Earth.

Starting with perhaps the most exciting is a library’s worth of new features and upgrades revolving around user verification: our mission is to not only better validate new users as they come in the LFGdating web door, but continue to validate accounts long after they’ve arrived so that every user can have that much more confidence that the person they’re chatting with is who they say they are.  So how are we doing this?  I’d love to dive into the details, but it’s turning into a proprietary feature – that’s how exciting this side of the site has become!  You can also trust that this same technology will carry over to our iOS app, so no worries there.

We are also tinkering with the idea of a complete backend overhaul to the web application.  While we recently upgraded our LAMP stack to the lightning speed behind PHP 7, we’re keeping a close watch and even experimenting with some of the latest offerings from the world of Javascript: React, Vue, and Node may be powering LFGdating sooner than you think, and we’re excited to explore those newer technologies in 2018.

Finally, Casey and I are making further plans to streamline the overall web user experience even further.  For those of you who have seen the website evolve over the last few years, you’ve likely noticed that our new user registration and preference update paths have literally been cut down tremendously: where we had dozens of questions, match preferences, and surveys to go through, now there is very little, and as a result we have more match filters instead.  Look for more of this in 2018, because we are never done creating a better user experience here at LFG.

2018 is going to be an incredible year for LFGdating, and quite possibly the best one yet.  Stay tuned to our blog for more updates, and if you haven’t created a profile at LFGdating there’s not a better time than now.  Have a great holiday and New Year, and see you all in 2018!






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