3 Easy Tips on How to Write a First Message

Sending a first message to someone on a dating site is no easy task. What should I write? How do I write it? What’s important? These are all good questions.

First messages are as important as your profile picture when it comes to meeting someone new. If the reader hasn’t seen your profile picture yet, then it’s arguably more important. So let’s lead with the right foot.

Below are 3 easy tips to guide you to a successful first message.

1. Make it short and sweet. Stick to a simple first message and don’t get derailed. Try to stick to 4-5 sentences, and vary the sentence style. Let the reader know you like their profile and that you hope to hear back from them.

2. Keep it light. This is your first message; not your fifth date where you start talking about family dynamics and long term goals. Be cheery, happy, and if you can pull it off – humorous.

3. Say ‘thank you.’ Thank the reader for reading your message. It’s a small kindness that pays off in spades.

Follow these 3 tips and you’ll be in great shape. And don’t forget to pick a perfect profile picture! These two things are of paramount importance!

Happy messaging!



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