3 Quick Tips To Make A Solid Introduction

Introductions can be scary. A lot of times, we don’t even want to make them. Sitting in a new meeting? Introduction. On a new team? Introduction. New boss at work? Introduction. That’s a lot of talk track.

Read below for a quick rundown of 3 easy tips to pare down your introduction AND make it better.

1. Short and sweet wins the day. Say what you want to say and do not, under any circumstance, explain why you said it. You owe nothing to everyone around you at LFGdating. They want more information? They can ask for it. Boom – and now you’re past the introduction.

2. Fly the freak flag high. I’m not an advocate for finding out hot button issues late in the game. If you need 10 hours of uninterrupted you time during the weekend, say it. If you’re looking for someone who loves Pokemon as much as you do, say it. Remember, never apologize for being you. You’re awesome. And at LFGdating.com, we don’t apologize for being awesome.

3. Be clear. How you prompt the world will help the world understand how to formulate their response. Meaning if you want to find someone who’s kind and humble, use kind and humble language in turn. If you’re looking for a homebody who loves stay-in game nights, be clear and say it!


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