How to Ask Someone Out on a Date

Don’t underestimate the power of good timing, a well thought out message, and a perfect profile picture. These three things together are like the Ghostbusters crossing their beams against Zuul. You know…minus a fourth stream…

All that is left is the actual ask for the first date. If your message is able to follow the below guidelines, you’ll be well on your way!

Do be clear that you want to see them in person. Let them know you want to spend time with them away from the computer!

Don’t be pushy. Respect their reply.

Do offer an idea on where and/or when to meet and what to do. Also, leave it open ended. Maybe they want to hang but want to do something else!

Don’t be self-deprecating. Less is more here; be confident.

Do be natural and don’t wait to send that message!



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