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  • Q3 Dev Update

    Q3 Dev Update

    Pushing code live still proves to be our favorite activity outside of helping gamers meet other gamers. Deployment means completion of planning, requirements gathering, prioritization, engineering, and testing. Now that we’re well through Q2, we want to share our updates with you. For those of us old enough, remember taking “computer” class in junior high? […]

  • Nashville Day 2 Begins

    Nashville Day 2 Begins

    Taco score: Pat 10 to Casey 9. In all fairness to me, I didn’t know it was a game until lunch yesterday. Coffee score: All tied at 4 large coffees a piece. Today’s docket includes journey mapping, site enhancements, and more coffee. And probably tacos.

  • How Much Coffee is Too Much Coffee?

    How Much Coffee is Too Much Coffee?

    Ridiculous question. Fresh pots! Also, this is me watching Pat troubleshoot code while I flip through Youtube vids.