Q3 Dev Update

Pushing code live still proves to be our favorite activity outside of helping gamers meet other gamers. Deployment means completion of planning, requirements gathering, prioritization, engineering, and testing. Now that we’re well through Q2, we want to share our updates with you.

For those of us old enough, remember taking “computer” class in junior high? Seemed so simple back then. Type along with the words as they appear on the screen. Then came html coding. And now we have Product Managers and Enterprise Architects.

At LFGdating.com, the thrill is worth the time. Some of our most successful ideas start with our members. Some of them are born from the third or fourth beer during work weekends. Some of them come at 2 in the morning when the puzzle pieces finally…click together. The updates below are a smattering of all of those.

Long Distance Filter Maturation
The overwhelming majority of our members self-select as open to long distance relationships. We’re exploring options around broader geographical search as well as how to best bring together two people who are open to long distance relationships.

Quick pro trip: how to complete your About Me section to gain more views.

Match Spotlight Email Maturation
Match spotlight emails have become THE thing of 2023. They provide significant exposure for the member chosen, and members who option to pay for the spotlight see even greater response. We are discussing how to best automate some of these processes to scale this service.

Internal Admin Panel Updates
This one’s for us. We’ve tidied up some display items and Patrick has done a wonderful job finding simple solutions to complex, legacy problems. As we grow, we increase the risk for something that looks simple enough to fix actually become a bear to do so. So our work here helps us keep a high floor to keep our members happy.

Want us to be working on something differently? Let us know! We’re always open to feedback. And if you want to join LFGdating.com, sign up here! We’ll love to have you with us.


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