Q2 Dev Update

Delivering new features and fixes every month, we’re hard at work (mostly) behind the curtain. And with many thanks to our members for their help along the way, we made significant process on some recent fixes. Our roadmap is roughly equal parts LFGdating.com staff and member feedback balled together and hurled at a PI planning session. Updates below. Once we’re through June, we’ll share a more robust update on the original work planned.

Search Filter Update
We fixed a bug that affected the number of matches shown depending on the age range of the filter. Pretty big bug unfortunately. A fix was pushed live into production yesterday, and both internal and user testing validated the change. We take wins when and where we find them.

Login Feature Update
We cleaned up some code regarding website and app login processes, and we’re experiencing significantly less login errors for members. We’re not done here yet, but we’re increased user happiness here considerably. This was a top priority upon our release of V3 in Q4 of last year too.

Admin Panel Update
We promoted code that increases the efficiency and efficacy of the member search feature for us internal folks. So, while the car looks the same on the outside, the engine is a little more robust and the car moves faster because of it. You may be thinking, “How does this make my life better?” Well, for members that have questions about their profile, experience, or billing, I’d reply, “We can search for more, faster, so that’s less back and forth from problem to solution.”

There’s so much more in the works, and we feel privileged to work for you at LFGdating.com. We’re always open to feedback, and we hope to hear from you soon! And if you haven’t created a profile with us yet, we hope you join us soon!


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