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  • Q2 Dev Update

    Q2 Dev Update

    Delivering new features and fixes every month, we’re hard at work (mostly) behind the curtain. And with many thanks to our members for their help along the way, we made significant process on some recent fixes. Our roadmap is roughly equal parts LFGdating.com staff and member feedback balled together and hurled at a PI planning […]

  • Nashville Day 2 Begins

    Nashville Day 2 Begins

    Taco score: Pat 10 to Casey 9. In all fairness to me, I didn’t know it was a game until lunch yesterday. Coffee score: All tied at 4 large coffees a piece. Today’s docket includes journey mapping, site enhancements, and more coffee. And probably tacos.

  • V3 Phase 1 Is Live!

    V3 Phase 1 Is Live!

  • Nashville Live Blogging Starts Now!

    Nashville Live Blogging Starts Now!

    We’ve spent 20 hours in Nashville so far and we have 2 crucial takeaways. 1 – The Velvet Taco makes the tastiest tacos in town. 2 – V3 is launching tonight!. What have we spent our time on today? Well, outside of grabbing coffee at Just Love Coffee and watching Workaholics Season 1 nonstop, we’ve […]