Planned for Q2

Wow. It’s already the end of March. Time flies when your backlog never ends!

We want to share with our members, soon-to-be members, and general followers what’s on our slate for Q2. It’s important to us that you know what we’re working on because our larger roadmap is based on member feedback. How do we collect feedback? Member surveys mostly. And we do get a sizable number of individual, personal emails in which we learn how to improve our service. So below are the larger items we’re working to accomplish based on that feedback. We know why people choose, and we also learn why they want to stay.

Recently Online Status
There’s a history with this feature. Back in 2014, we surveyed our membership and asked if this is a feature they’d like to see. The feedback was…relatively all over the place. If you think about in terms of a spectrum, with “no” to the left and “yes” to the right, we had answers all along the spectrum. Because the feedback was so non-clustered, we didn’t feel comfortable going one way or the other, because we couldn’t say we used customer data to drive that decision. At least in good conscience.

Now though – the feedback is getting much more skewed to the right, so we’ve prioritized building out and piloting this functionality. We’ll A/B test this, so only a random sampling of members will actually end up testing out the functionality, and we’ll gather information from that usage to drive future decisioning.

Revised New Member Email Journey
We’ve been rigorously A/B testing the journey since we updated the path in later 2022, and we’re coming to decision points shortly. This revised journey will not directly affect current members, but it is aimed at bringing in and engaging members more quickly to adhere to profile best practices. Meaning this work will indirectly benefit current members in the hopes of influencing newer members to build more robust profiles.

Refreshed SEO Strategy
SEO is important to our company health because a more solid strategy and execution delivers more traffic to the site, and ultimately, more new members. To start Q2, we’re executing on a new SEO strategy that is aimed to bring in new members from modern gamers and retro game aficionados.

There’s more in stock, and we won’t bore you with the smaller deployments. We’re also doing a whole bunch of fun stuff with our iOS and Android apps too, but that’s for another post. Now you have a view into how we’re looking to further build out


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