How to Complete Your About Me Section

Describing oneself can be tricky. Come off too modest and you risk underselling yourself. Come off to arrogant and you risk sounding, well, arrogant. So where’s the sweet spot? Right in the middle.

Say Something
You risk almost nothing by saying something. You risk about 900% profile page views by saying nothing at all. You know what’s cool? People who offer a little about themselves when asked to offer a little about themselves. You know what’s not cool? Losing out on about 9x the profile views.

Be honest
It’s ok to share some of the awesome things about yourself. In fact, it’s encouraged! But let’s say you’re unbelievably good at a one particular game or genre. Don’t say you’re a god at it. In fact, just say you like the game. In our decade at, nobody ever cancelled their subscription because they met someone who was really good at Halo.

Stay updated
Every month or so, log in and refresh your answers. Things change every now and then, and especially if you haven’t been talking with anyone, talking about yourself in a new way can be a great way to stir some messaging.

Remember, login, say something, be honest, and stay updated. And when it’s time to send that first message, we have some advice for that too. Hint: say something!



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