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  • How to Complete Your About Me Section

    How to Complete Your About Me Section

    Describing oneself can be tricky. Come off too modest and you risk underselling yourself. Come off to arrogant and you risk sounding, well, arrogant. So where’s the sweet spot? Right in the middle. Say SomethingYou risk almost nothing by saying something. You risk about 900% profile page views by saying nothing at all. You know […]

  • This Is What I Keep Thinking Pat Is Thinking While He Codes

  • Which Subscription Is Right For Me?

    Which Subscription Is Right For Me?

    Choosing which plan to select is a question of tradeoffs. Do you want your dollar to travel further, longer, or do you prefer to test the waters? Are you in a hurry to meet someone, or are you playing the long game? So let’s tease out some of the perks of each plan. Not each […]

  • Site Upgrade: New Payment System

    Site Upgrade: New Payment System

    Ten years is a long time. I mean, in the span of the creation of the universe that’s like nothing but as far as modern business go, a decade is – yep – a long time. We at LFGdating just launched our new payment system: Stripe. What does that mean for you? Ten more years […]

  • Valentine’s Day Messaging Do’s and Don’t’s

    Valentine’s Day Messaging Do’s and Don’t’s

    Pink. Pink EVERYWHERE. Can’t walk into a grocery store or pharmacy without seeing aisles of pink. Must mean Valentine’s Day is here. Every approaching Valentine’s Day, our members send messages at an incredibly increased rate. New membership numbers spike too – lots of activity all around. Let’s look at some do’s and don’t’s when messaging […]

  • Gamer’s Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

    Gamer’s Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

    Treadmill. Elliptical. Weights. Sounds like a lot of work. You may prefer grinding levels on your new new WoW Classic toon, even without the double XP bonus. We hear you. Alas, exercising is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And even though the thought of sweating is enough to stop you in your tracks, we […]

  • LFGdating Testimonials

    LFGdating Testimonials

    Real gamers. Real critics. Real success. We have them all. Our members come first. Always. “I sincerely appreciate the kind help, and the help to make this experience happen. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you! I love what you do!” Wrote Jennifer C. We aim to keep our site clean, professional, and modern. Blake […]

  • August Press Release

    August Press Release

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—August 6, 2019 Contact: Angela Mitchell (904) 982-8043 LFGdating’s New Apps for iOS and Android Help Single Gamers Find Love The Internet’s #1 gamer dating app just got better than ever, with the announcement of new versions for Android and iOS ST. LOUIS, MO. While dating apps have never been more popular […]

  • How to Introduce Yourself Online to Someone New

    How to Introduce Yourself Online to Someone New

    Meeting someone new can be the highlight of the day. It can also be a nerve-wracking moment as well. There may be mixed expectations, and the actual moment of interaction may be harder than initially realized. So how do you introduce yourself to someone new? You’ve done it a thousand times already, so you have […]

  • Welcome Kits are Out! LFGdating Swag is on the Way to Twitch Streamers.

    LFGdating keeps growing and growing. We’re not sponsoring awesome people who stream on Twitch. It was high time we sent them some fun gear!