Which Subscription Is Right For Me?

Choosing which plan to select is a question of tradeoffs. Do you want your dollar to travel further, longer, or do you prefer to test the waters? Are you in a hurry to meet someone, or are you playing the long game?

So let’s tease out some of the perks of each plan. Not each description will match every subscriber.

Yearly Subscription, $75. This subscription delivers the best price per month over time, and it is designed for members who typically choose a longer runway between introduction and taking the conversation offline. Excellent choice for people who only check their messages once every week or month.

Three Month Subscription, $35. This selection is the nice midpoint between the two other plans and also delivers nicely on both ends of the spectrum. First, it accommodates members who like to check their messages at longer intervals or intermittently. Secondly, due to the value price point, it’s a nice move for members who prefer to make a shorter term commitment.

One Month Subscription, $15. This plan is tailored to the member who wants to try premium access with at a lesser price point. When all a member wants to do is reach out to that one specific other member, this plan allows that to happen without a longer timeline attached to the subscription.

Fun Frommer’s Fact: we want you to pick the plan that best suites your needs. We have members who have subscribed for years. We also have members who subscribe and cancel on the same day. Whatever best suites you – we encourage you to go for it!

And here’s a shameless plug for any reader who has not created an account yet. We hope you join us!


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