Valentine’s Day Messaging Do’s and Don’t’s

Pink. Pink EVERYWHERE. Can’t walk into a grocery store or pharmacy without seeing aisles of pink. Must mean Valentine’s Day is here.

Every approaching Valentine’s Day, our members send messages at an incredibly increased rate. New membership numbers spike too – lots of activity all around. Let’s look at some do’s and don’t’s when messaging so that you can increase your chance of finding someone meaningful in time for Valentine’s Day.

Do write a small first message. One or two sentences will do the trick. Your quick message will pop your pic and profile on their radar.

Don’t write a novel. The more they have to read, the less they tend to reply. Short and sweet wins the day.

Do be kind. Everyone is more or less “nice” on a first message. But actually being kind and complimenting the other person is a great first foot forward.

Don’t be passive. “Hey” is for horses. You took the initiative to send a message – so think on it and write something worth sending.

Do give the person some time to respond. Some people only check their messages once a week or two, and that’s even when they know they have a message waiting.

Don’t send multiple first messages. It’s not unusual for someone to reply to a first message a month or two after it was sent. This can be for a lot of reasons. But if you send a second message – that’s a surefire way to never get a reply.

Do send the first message. Go get ’em!

Don’t wait. You never know who may snag that person’s attention first!


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