What To Do After You Find Someone You Like

You sign up. You take 1 minute to build your profile. Then you look at your matches.

This is normally where people get stuck.

Match after match after match, people scroll, swipe, filter, re-filter, swipe, then turn off their phone altogether and walk away. Yet, after each match viewing session, there’s that one person that caught your eye enough to make you take an extra half second before you moved on.

This is normally where people don’t recognize they’re no stuck anymore.

Sending a first message to someone isn’t your asking them to come over to your house. Or become engaged. Or get married. It’s a “hello” from you to them. Nothing more and certainly nothing less.

When you find someone you like, send a message! You joined the site to meet people, right?

As in life, so in online dating. You get out what you put in. Time to put in a little something extra. That little something extra? A simple “hello.”



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