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How to Land a Date for Valentine’s Day, If You’re a Gamer

In just 31 short days another Valentine’s Day will be upon us, and LFGdating is already matching thousands of single gamers together like crazy as the calendar races towards the single biggest day of dating of 2018.  The main purpose of this guide isn’t to push you to create a profile here at LFGdating – although you should, because where else are you going to find a larger community of single gamers? 🙂 – but rather show you just how many other avenues one (and not just a gamer) should go down in order to land a date, and hopefully love, for Valentine’s Day.  So let’s jump in!

Step 1: Get Yourself Out There

While we all love locking in to our favorite servers on our time off from work and school, the chances of finding love and more importantly a Vday date through Discord or your favorite online game is an uphill battle.  Sure, it’s possible, and we love hearing about those love stories!  But ultimately that’s one of the biggest reasons why we launched LFGdating back in 2013, and why it continues to skyrocket in growth: it’s hard to find someone local to you while you’re chatting on Twitch or running through an Overwatch match; again, it’s not impossible, but you ultimately have to put down those awesome noise-cancelling headphones and get your butt outside – #IRL.

Believe it or not, I was lucky enough to meet my future wife on the beach in Waikiki: we had just come back from deployment, and while I was busy catching up on a ton of great games I had missed out on in 2011, I decided to hold off on those for a while longer to enjoy the rest of my time in Hawaii with some of my best friends.  While we were on the beach at a great beach bar, I saw her with some of her friends, and so I decided to drag my buddies with me to go to talk to them.  The rest is history: had I decided to say in that Saturday where would I be today?  The moral of the story is get outside: you never know who will sit down next to you on the subway or who you’ll notice at the beach!

Step 2: Confidence Is Key: Never, Ever Give Up

We’re all in this for the same goal: love and everything that comes with it is pretty amazing, and to meet that special someone who you’ll get to enjoy the rest of your lives with is something that’s worth fighting for.  Let’s face it, I’ve been rejected a hundred million times, but you really have to forget about those instances and keep your head high.  Even worse, if you let your confidence dip then you’ll likely revert back to Step 1 in the process; stay outside, give your squad or your buddies a call, and get back out into the wild to continue the search.

Step 3: Lean on Your Friends

I know, this can be scary at times, but there are millions of love stories out there today where couples met via introductions from friends.  While you certainly need to make sure your best girlfriend or pal knows the type of person you’re truly looking for, your best friends should also already have a good idea of that match if they know you as well as they should.  Much like step two this third step in the process can be highly volatile: if the first match your girlfriend sends your way is a date from hell, don’t give up.  Tell your friend you appreciate their idea, but also let them know why that was such a bad setup.

On the other hand, not only our your good friends great sources for finding the one, they’re also great companions that can help you through this entire process.  If you’re struggling to find the motivation get outside on a Saturday you’re friends probably are too; use each other as motivation to both get out there because you’ll truly never know who you’ll run into.

Step 4: Cast a Wide Online Net

According to Johnathan Bennett who is a certified dating coach recently interviewed by Bustle, “My advice on dating apps is ‘the more, the better,’ especially if the person wanting a date has the time for it.  Online dating can be very competitive. By being active across multiple apps, you’re definitely increasing your odds of getting responses, carrying on a continued conversation, and maybe even getting a date.”

Wait, LFGdating is actually recommending you sign up for other dating sites outside of LFG?  Yup, and why wouldn’t we?  Our overarching mission here at LFGdating is to help you find love – however it happens, and on whichever platform makes us happy.  So while you’re browsing LFGdating’s ginormous community of single gamers looking for a date this Valentine’s Day on our website or our upcoming iOS app, we highly recommend you sign up for a few others as well because the more lines you have in the water the better.  And best of all, that’s what makes online dating so awesome: you setup a profile, browse your matches each day, all while being able to execute the IRL process above to maximize your opportunities.  It’s a win-win!

So what are you waiting for?  Give you friends a call, get something on your calendars, create a profile at LFGdating, and get excited about landing a date for Valentine’s Day 2018.  While it’s about a month away, there’s still plenty of time to not only find a date, but to find the date you’ve been looking for for a long, long time.



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