How to Introduce Yourself Online to Someone New

Meeting someone new can be the highlight of the day. It can also be a nerve-wracking moment as well. There may be mixed expectations, and the actual moment of interaction may be harder than initially realized.

So how do you introduce yourself to someone new? You’ve done it a thousand times already, so you have the practice. We just want to recommend a few do’s and don’t’s to go along with your approach.

Do be courteous and kind. Show that you appreciate them and their time.

Don’t talk about yourself. Too much.

Do ask questions. You’re there to learn about them.

Don’t make comments that are hard to reply to.

Do use humor!

Once your introduction goes off without a hitch, you’ll be ready to keep talking.

When you’re ready for that first date, we have some advice for that night too. Good luck meeting your new matches!


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