Try Not to Have Expectations on a First Date

Expectations on a first date need to be monitored closely. If someone goes on a first date expecting the world from the other person, that date is probably not going to go well. Likewise, if someone expects the date to be terrible, odds are that person’s thoughts and attitude may be negatively affecting the date. See how neither mindset works?

The key? Try not to have expectations on a first date. Why? Because it’s a first date. One person doesn’t owe the other person anything. We’re not suggesting you numb yourself to the experience; rather, go in open minded and looking to enjoy your time together.

Here’s why. In the spectrum of first date experiences, where one end is, “I could see myself marrying this person,” and the other end is, “When is this date over so I can quickly never see this person again?” one of the hardest zones to exist in is right in the middle of the spectrum.

Either of these following two thoughts that go through someone’s head are totally valid. “I don’t know if this person can be what I need this person to be,” is a valid thought. So is its inverse, “Well this wasn’t a dumpster fire of a night, so I could probably do it again.”

So what’s next? It’s totally up to you. Want to go on second date? Ask the person. Want to call it over and politely turn the other person down if they ask? Go for it.

We just want to encourage you to not have expectations on a first date. It’s hard to live up to exceedingly high expectations, and it’s hard to disappoint when no expectations were set in the first place.



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