The Greater the Risk, the Greater the Reward with Online Dating

Insert cliche here. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You only get what you give. People in glass houses sink ships. Online dating is no different.

Sure, you can create profiles on tons of dating sites and hope you meet someone. But odds are that whoever is on that many different dating sites is on all of them because they aren’t trying that hard at any singular one. It’s more of a quantity over quality kind of thing at that point.

We encourage you to do the opposite of the masses. We encourage you to go deep with one website than to take the quantity over quality approach.

The reason why cliches are cliches is because they hold a baseline truth. We do tend to get more out of an experience when we are personally vested in the process and outcome. Hitting jackpot on a nickel slot only nets a small payout. Hit a jackpot on a dollar slot, and now you’re getting somewhere.

At LFGdating, we want you to put yourself out there. Build your profile intentionally. Let people learn a little bit about you from what you include. Take a chance and reach out to someone you may not normally reach out to. We don’t know what the future holds, but we do know that our actions can put us in a great spot when we put something meaningful behind them.

Or think about it this way. You’re sitting on the couch with the person who will change your life. You’re the best thing that happened to them, and they are the best thing that happened to you. How did you think you met? Making profiles on 100 different dating sites? Or putting significant time into your profile at LFGdating?

Yeah – we know which one you picked.



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