Dating a Gamer Girl: An ITF Strategy Guide

keyloveWhat’s the secret to landing that mythical gamer girl?  ITF, which stands for Ink to Flames Gaming, is an up-and-coming video game news/opinion community that’s based out of the beautiful country of South Africa; minus all those great white sharks off the coast.  I’m sure they get their fair share of Sharknadoes – but I digress.  A couple months back one of ITF’s beat writers posted a dating “strategy guide” for all of their male readers addressing that long-mythical subject of landing the Great White Buffalo of gaming: the gamer girl.  Hit the link below for a link to the guide, as well as some of our own thoughts!

Ready to check out the strategy guide?  Check it out right here: ITF’s Dating a Gamer Girl Strategy Guide.

Although likely written for the younger crowd, there are some valid points.  Our best advice, aside from the obvious one in which will simply find that elusive “gamer girl” FOR you (we have quite a few, and yes, they are all real), is to simply be yourself.  Sure, don’t go overboard with gifts, as that can get creepy (flowers are okay on the first date), but I’d hold off on the author’s last point of going into hiding for 3 or 4 days.  While it may work from time to time, our best advice is if you are really into her, and she’s really into you, then you’re not going to scare her off if you stay in contact.

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