Drink your Drink: Knowledge is greater than submission

We live in a time where lack of knowledge is tantamount to laziness. We may no longer fly under the radar uninformed on major aspects of our lives. It’s ok to not know that Gaspar Noé’s film Irreversible contains a french nightclub’s underbelly fight scene that directly influenced Nicolas Winding Refn’s film Drive, starring Ryan Gosling, in which Gosling, playing The Driver, protects himself and a  oman in an elevator from a hitman in a similar fashion to the film Irreversible. Now, not everybody watches a lot of films, but what a lot of people do is have a drink. So we’re not really allowed anymore to not know what we like to drink.

Knowing what you like is sexy. It’s intelligent, aware, and refined. One of the highlights of being adventurous is that you don’t know, and that is ok because that’s the point.

Know what you like, and know why you like it. I’m a dark beer man during the winter but a lighter beer man during the summer. I didn’t say ‘light beer’ man – i prefer quality over quantity.  Why? Dark beer just fits the winter months better. It’s thicker,  brandished, and fits the bill. However, dark beer is too heavy in the winter; I opt for the opposite: lighter, crisper, and less-filling.

Vodka, scotch, rum – whatever your poison, know why you like your brands and what separates them. Know this because how you order says something about you. When you order based on y our knowledge, and you don’t point attention to what you know, you’re saying more about you than a thousand conversation’s worth of words. Intelligence is sexy. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once wrote that the ultimate goal of education is intelligence plus character. Have both.

And buy her drink. Don’t even ask.


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