Five Things That Cost Less Than an LFG Premium Membership

Only five things?  Actually I could probably list a hundred different every day items or monthly expenditures that are more expensive, but let’s kick this off with five, shall we?  You probably are already aware of the huge benefits of a premium LFGdating subscription, like unlimited messaging, advertisement-free matches browsing and the exclusive ability to filter your geek and gamer matches by location.  But while those are important to anyone searching for love online, it is often the intangibles that get overlooked when comparing a free dating site to a  premium one: like the ability to nullify spam.  There are countless free gamer dating sites out there on the web, but you’re going to get bombarded by spam.  Is it worth it?  We don’t think so, especially when a one month subscription to LFG costs less than what you could probably find under your couch cushion.  Which brings me to my main point: you cannot beat LFG’s value.

Five Things That Cost Less Than an LFG Premium Membership

If you’ve ever thrown down your hard earned cash at any of the major online dating sites, then you know that cringe-worthy feeling you got when you pulled out your credit card and forked half of your paycheck just to be able to message someone.  At eHarmony for example, did you know it costs a whopping $180 dollars for a six month subscription?  That’s $30 a freaking month!  At LFG you can get the same six month plan for just $20 – no strings attached.  Or if you’ve come across a user that you just absolutely know is the one, then you – or quite frankly any high quality dating site – can’t beat our one month subscription at just $5 bucks.  Five dollars.  You spent five bucks on that crappy On Demand movie last night, didn’t you?  I did – for some reason my wife and I thought Pompeii looked good, but it wasn’t $5.99 good!

So without further adieu, I present five things that cost less than an LFG premium membership: (translation – what are you waiting for?)

1. That drink you bought for that girl/guy in the bar last night.

Unless you’re down at Bob’s Pub, drinks are not exactly cheap anymore unless that person that’s caught your eye is really into Milwaukee’s Best (no offense to our Milwaukean users!).  Fellas, you know that most women you meet in a bar or dance club are always going to answer with some sort of exotic drink request, and you know those are going to cost more than an Abraham Lincoln.

2. A six-inch sub at Subway

Raise your hand if you miss the $5 dollar foot long special?  Okay, so I don’t miss that irritating commercial with the annoying jingle, but that was a pretty good deal for lunch.  Well, not anymore – you can barely get a six inch sub at Subway these days for less than five bucks, but you know what you can get?  A one month subscription to LFG.  And we don’t add plastic additives to our site, so yeah, there’s that too.

3. Two energy drinks

I really really enjoy Sugar Free Red Bull, but they’re just so freaking expensive for just 8oz of caffeinated joy.  Since we’re all gamers here, chances are energy drinks are a routine item listing on our monthly budgets (whether that budget is actual or notional); but you get the point.  A chance to meet the person of your dreams, or two overpriced energy drinks?  We both know the answer to that question!

4. Drive through Chicago (or any major city)

Growing up in Chicago, I have always had to fork over a ridiculous amount of cash for the toll roads – which in Chicago are all roads.  While the toll rates are extremely cheap if you buy an electronic iPass for your car, if you’re an out of towner looking to cut through Chicago you had better have at least $20 bucks cash on you.  If you’re off to meet up with some friends or you’re heading out to the suburbs for a date, you’ll spend more in tolls one way than you would here at LFG – by a long shot.

5. Coffee

Oh Starbucks.  You’re one of the better brands of coffee out there, and with stores just about on every corner it’s just so convenient to pull in and grab a venti black coffee to keep me powered up.  But at $2.50 a pop now, would it really hurt to give up two of those a month in order to find love?  Do you see just how insanely cheap an LFG subscription is?

As you can see, a premium membership at LFG provides an insane amount of value.  With our six month plan at just $20 – that’s just $3.33 a month folks – you can grab the biggest value for the cheapest long-term price around.  And with the insane amount of growth happening here at LFG, you’ll be locked in to make sure you’ll never miss an opportunity to find love.  Because that’s what we’re here for, isn’t it?


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