Funny Valentine’s Day Cards for Gamers

My fellow gamers, we are now only 27 days away from Valentine’s Day 2015.  If you’ve got everything in place already, high five; if you don’t, well, I wouldn’t recommend waiting much longer, especially when it comes to nabbing a restaurant reservation, unless your date likes eating dinner at 10:30pm.  Nevertheless, we here at the LFGdating offices always love to help ease the tension and stress this time of year by having a little fun, and we thought a great way to kick off this year’s season of love with some of the funniest Valentine’s Day cards and e-cards we could dig up.  Our recommendation?  Check them out and laugh hysterically.  Our second recommendation?  Start sending one a day to your own Valentine to start laying the framework for your best Hallmark Holiday season yet!

Funny Valentine’s Day Cards for Gamers

Although I’m 31 years young now, I still remember Valentine’s Day way back when I was in grade school.  Every kid awkwardly got up during the designated time in class, or out at recess, to hand out Valentine’s Day cards to the other kids.  While I know I was a smart-ass/sarcastic kid back then, I wish I had some of these cards to pass out; kids these days really have it pretty easy with the Internet at their disposal, don’t they?  Oh well.  Like I mentioned above, if you want to be really suave this Valentine’s Day, start sending these pics (or others, if you prefer a more serious route) to your own Valentine every day until the holiday itself; it will get them excited, and will help keep you at the forefront of their mind.  Trust me when I say this works.  Anywho, enough of the small talk; let’s check out the funny Valentine’s Day cards!





funny valentines day cards













I told you these were some stellar Valentine’s Day cards!  That is surely enough to get your Valentine e-card barrage started, as you’ve got a new one for twenty straight days if you really want to stretch it out for that special someone.

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