Gamer Dating Advice: The Power of a Profile Picture

Ron Burgundy loves LFG Dating!Dating is tough; there’s no doubt about that.  It takes a lot of courage to walk up to someone and start conversation, especially if that someone is standing with a group of their close friends.  Jason Biggs from the first American Pie comes to mind, when he approaches Nadia at a house party only to make it extremely awkward by laughing uncontrollably, and not saying anything at all.  But now we have the Internet, so all of that shyness should go out the window, right?  Wrong.  For whatever reason, it’s still hard for many to conjure up that perfect message or email, even though you may never see that person in real life if you get shut down or ignored (although you hope you do see them!).  Well we’ve got some really simple advice for the gamer daters out there, as we want to maximize your LFG experience so you can find that special someone and then move on with life – together!  It starts and ends with photos, and more specifically the profile picture.

Profile Pictures 101

1. Post a profile picture!

Signing up for LFG Dating was a major first step to finding that love of your life, but keep that confidence going by actually uploading a profile picture.  Your chances of increasing your profile views will increase exponentially, because you will stand out from the rest of the crowd.  Even though Internet dating has become completely normal, there is still that ugly stereotype or creepiness that lurks in the backs of people’s minds until they are sure the person they are talking to is real.  If you don’t have a profile photo, you’re likely just going to get passed over.  Post a profile picture today!

2. Smile!

Be yourself and consider smiling!  Don’t know picture to use as your profile photo?  Just hit up some of your friends and family and see what picture they like of you best, because that will likely be the most successful photo with other daters who will be checking you out. You simply cannot go wrong with smiling; it’s a universal, worldwide sign of friendliness that everyone understands because it instantly puts them at ease, so it can only help out.

3. No WoW Avatars

LFG Dating has a large WoW contingent, and we take pride that we are the premiere Azeroth dating venue!  But hold off on throwing your avatar up as your profile photo; save that action shot of your level 60 paladin for one of your other photos.  You’re here to date real people, so show them your best side – your real avatar!

Growing up most of us hated to read; heck, some of us probably still fall into that category.  Pictures will help others put faces to those eloquent words you scripted in your “Say Something” section, and they also help others pass the attractiveness test.  It’s not a matter of being vain; there has to be an attraction with one another, so why not pass that test right away?

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If you want a more quantitative approach to the value of using profile photos, then check out this great research editorial from OKCupid!






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