Make Money as a Twitch Streamer

How Much Does a Twitch Streamer Make?

Ah yes, the grand old question that every gamer wonders, because it would undoubtedly be the best job on the planet: how much does a Twitch streamer really make?  Just recently I came across a very intriguing blog post from Daniel Fenner, an Australian gamer who not only answered that question, but did it with his own data and analysis.  In other words, you’re going to want to read this.

While we’re not all StarCraft II global rockstars like Daniel (but we wish we were!), his report on “going all in as a 24/7 streamer” on Twitch is really incredible reading because like I mentioned above, it’s something that every gamer has considered since Twitch has become a reality.  For those that have really explored this possibility IRL, you’ll likely find common grief in Daniel’s struggle to find balance between streaming and YouTube’ing, because in the end there’s only so much time in the day to get everything done.

I will definitely say this: for those of you that are streaming – whether you’re brand new or already armed with hundreds of followers – LFGdating’s affiliate program is an incredibly easy way to inject more revenue into your pocket from streaming, all while simply pasting an easy URL into your chat stream as little or as often as you’d like.  You can check out our full Twitch affiliate program article here, and of course we are always available to answer any/all questions you may have.

Good luck to all streamers out there, and as Daniel mentioned, don’t give up on #thedream!



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