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How to Find (Quality) Geek Guys Like Andy Stitzer

Ladies, congratulations!  You have just accomplished the critical first step in finding quality geek guys, because you’ve arrived right here at LFGdating.  Seriously, high five!  So now that the hard part is over, we need to cover some of the finer details of landing a quality geek guy, since love is ultimately what we’re all here for, right?  This is where you say yes.  And no, this guide does not involve picking up sales guys at your local Smart Tech (40 Year Old Virgin’s ‘Best Buy’ equivalent) electronics store, but then again, it’s not like we can stop you.

How do you define “quality”?

So what then makes a geek – or any – guy a quality one?  How should “quality” be defined? In all honesty, quality is truly defined in the eye and the heart of the beholder, because it can mean so many different things to different folks.  What I would argue however, is that there is a constant in this equation, and that’s authenticity.  Once the communication begins between two people, each side can tell relatively quickly who’s truly being themselves, and who isn’t.  Sometime it takes a matter of seconds, or a couple dates out, but soon enough the true reality will surface.

So with that out of the way, where do we begin with this guide to find the mythical, quality geek guy?  We begin with Andy Stitzer (Steve Carell), and the two women from The 40-Year-Old Virgin who battled it out for his affection and ten-speed bicycle: Beth, played by Elizabeth Banks, and Trish, played by Catherine Keener, who was the ultimate winner.

If you own your own "Sell Your Crap on eBay" store, geek guys will flock to you.

So how did Trish pull it off?  The primary lesson here is a simple one, but is arguably the single most important thing to do when you’re trying to pickup that quality geek guy: she made the first move.  Did Andy ask for her phone number?  Negative.  Did he want to? Of course he did, but he was simply way too shy to do it; heck, had he not been shoved out onto the sales floor, he wouldn’t have even met her in the first place.  Translation: ladies, if you see a nerdy guy who catches your eye, go say hello!  That’s when you can activate your authenticity nerd sensor: if he seems real and down to earth, then make yet another bold move and ASK him out!

So now we turn to the other side of the Andy Stitzer battle and find Beth, the esteemed bookstore associate who has an affinity for purple polos.

Do you like to "do it yourself"?

To say Beth didn’t put forth an effort in this fight would be a flat-out lie.  Beth was literally obsessed with Andy, but she never made the first move.  If you recall from the film, Seth Rogan ends up dragging Steve Carell’s character into the bookstore where Elizabeth Banks works, only to record maybe the funniest scene in Steve Carell history when he responds to every single one of her questions with a question of his own.  The bottom line here though is quite simple: she did not initiate that first move, and the effect that Trish already had left Andy with was ingrained in his mind, even though Beth was the wilder, more attractive option.  Andy was already all-in with Trish, and even though his friends tried to pull him away in epic fashion, his mind was already made up.

You know what’s hilarious?  I could go on and on with 40-Year-Old Virgin connections and progress this guide right into the meat of building relationships, like for example how Trish was able to keep Andy around because she not only supported him with his dreams and geeky hobbies, but that she wasn’t embarrassed at all about any of it.  Better yet, that example shows that even she was being authentic to herself, which to no surprise equated to marriage and a happy life with Andy (granted, it was all a movie script, but you get the point).

The fact of the matter here is quite simple: if you’re truly wanting to find that geek of a guy to call your own, make the first move (or two or three) so you don’t let the opportunity fizzle.  It isn’t just geeky or nerdy guys that are shy – many of us are, and sometimes it takes a good 40 years for us to really come out of our shells.  But in the case of Andy Stitzer, the reason he came out of his shell was because a woman named Trish decided to give him her phone number.  (On a “We Sell Your Stuff on eBay” business card, but you get the point!)

LFGdating literally has thousands upon thousands of geeky, nerdy, and gamer guys for you to choose from, so why go anywhere else?  It’s 100% free to respond to messages, so create a profile and find your Andy Stitzer today!


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