LFGdating's Affiliate Program for Video Game Blog Sites

How to Make Money on Your Video Game Blog (with LFG)

Let’s be honest, running a video game blog, review, or news site would probably be the coolest full time job in the world, but what most folks find out after three to six months worth of incredibly hard work is that it’s freaking hard.  No, I’m not talking about keeping up with the content creation, game reviews, or regular site updates – I’m talking about financial sustainability.  People pour their hearts and souls into their freshly launched gaming blogs only to see pennies and nickels for the month’s worth of advertising impressions they just worked their butts off to generate.  That is when the frustration sets in, and the dream of becoming the next Kotaku or Dtoid is gone before they know it.  But, alas, there is a solution: LFG.

If you saw our earlier blog post from late March on How to Make Money on Twitch, then you’ll see a recurring, but lucrative theme here.  You see, here at LFGdating, we recently unveiled an awesome website affiliate program that is optimized perfectly for video game blogs, review sites, and to be honest, any website that has anything to do with the geek/gamer/nerd culture (comic books, gadgets, or even TV).  The process is simple: after you register, simply snag one or more of our ready-made LFGdating banners, and then throw them up on your website.  Those banners will include a specific link to your affiliate account – a link in which you can use throughout your website as well as a simple text link – which will link all visitors that originate from your site as potential referrals.  And here’s where it gets doubly awesome: once the visitor on your site clicks on your LFGdating ad or text link, and subscribes to a premium subscription at LFG, you (and we’re not joking) get a whopping 30% of the entire transaction.  Oh, and when that visitor rebills the next month (and the next month), you’ll get 30% of each of those transactions as well.  And with our plans at $5, $10, $20, and $50 bucks, 30% beats the snot out of any pay per click or CPM deal around town.

LFG’s affiliate program is now a month and a half old, and sites just like yours are already earning serious cash.  The best part for the affiliate side of this deal is not only the insane 30% pay out ratio, but the fact that you can still run your traditional CPM/CPC ads on your site!  You see, we’re not looking to take over your full ad inventory: simply test our affiliate program out with one of your ad slots, or better yet, simply use your custom text links to plug your affiliate account in a homemade “LFGdating Review” or “Featured Post”.  That way you can diversify your own revenue stream, which not only mitigates risk, but rewards you with more earning power as well.

We’re confident that after you sign up and test LFG out, you’ll quickly put the majority of your site’s ad inventory towards LFG.  From someone that has been there and done that with CPM advertising, this is not 2004 anymore: AdSense/NameYourPublisherNetwork can be great, but you ultimately need a metric ton worth of traffic to keep your site, and your dream, sustained.  But with LFGdating’s affiliate program, financial sustainability is no longer an issue.

Welcome to LFGdating, and we look forward to working with you!


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