Introducing Your Newest Match: LFG’s Lifetime Membership

Our members rock.  Seriously.  We love them so much we’ve been known to write them handwritten-freaking letters telling them just that – show me another dating site (heck, how about any company?) that goes that far, and you sir/ma’am will not only get your own handwritten letter, but you will also get a high five.  As a start-up web company, we are all about not only creating the most professional, safest, and most enjoyable geek and gamer dating service ever created, but we are also all about honoring our members.  Our latest membership reward for our earliest LFG’ers?  How about a lifetime membership.  Boo-YA.

Introducing Your Newest Match: LFG’s Lifetime Membership

While our premium membership plans were already ultra-competitive, we wanted to offer a plan that is exclusively for our earliest customers.  We wanted to reward those of you who have proudly raised your LFG flag, knowing we are still growing, and have helped spread the word via our refer a friend program, Twitter and even Facebook.  So we decided why not offer a premium plan that was too good to turn down: a lifetime premium membership for just $50 bucks.  $50 bucks: not just for a year, or even two years, but for freaking life.  That’s $190 bucks cheaper than eHarmony, and I don’t even want to know how much cheaper that is than Match (I believe it will run you still about $45 bucks for one freaking month at Match).  No recurring payments, no hassle, just matches upon matches upon even more gamer and geek matches for life.

What’s that?  You don’t believe me, do you?  Log in today and hit up our quick and easy subscribe page, and see it with your own eyes!  To our thousands of early users, this is for you!  Thanks for making LFGdating the best geek and gamer dating site on the net!



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