LFGdating is Gamer Dating – On the Go

Dating someone new may be the single most fun moment in a person’s life. It also may be abject terror. Waiting for a text or a call can be torture. On the other hand, seeing your new person log into your favorite game and say “hi!” is instant euphoria. We’ve all (hopefully!) been there before.

Just think about it. You’re in line at Chipotle, or your favorite sushi stop, or Starbucks, and you just can’t wait to get home and get back into your gaming world. You’re checking Reddit while you wait in line to order, and you have your favorite Twitch feeds two taps away. Of course, spicy tuna rolls are the norm, and maybe you throw in some crunchy California rolls to change it up. So why not change up your dating life?

LFGdating’s mobile responsive website allows you to view your matches anywhere. Have an older iPhone 5? Not a problem. Have a Huawei phablet? We got you covered. Like to keep your Nexus at hip level? Yeah – we can work with that too. We also build new features nearly every month. Why? Because you’re worth it.

You see, when we redesigned our site earlier this year, we wanted to make sure that LFGdating is the same wherever you are and whatever you’re using to make it happen. We don’t believe that we should have a limited versions of our site just because you’re on a phone. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the early 2000’s. I had a great time with Blink 182 when I was in college, but we’re almost in 2016, and LFGdating should be at the forefront. And this is why we launched three new commercials just last month.

As you enjoy your holiday season, please remember that LFGdating is here for you wherever you are. Even if you’re in the Control Room in Goldeneye for N64.



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