LFG’s New Search Filter Has Launched

Houston, we have a new search filter!  When our awesome members say something, we not only listen, but follow through.  There’s a reason why LFGdating has quickly become the de facto geek and gamer dating service on the Interweb: we’re American-made, investor-backed, and here for the long-term – as in forever.  We love the immense amount of feedback we receive from LFG Nation, and improving the service and user experience is our number two priority.  Wait, number two? Yep – number one is finding you love.  Hit the link below for more web development news!

LFG’s New Search Filter Has Launched

So let’s talk search, shall we?  LFG’s brand new, revamped premium search filter takes the power of the zip code exponentially further by introducing advanced geolocation with your prescribed matches.  Now premium LFG members – don’t be scared, folks; our one month plan costs less than most 24oz energy drinks at the local gas station – can filter and search through their matches using targeted mileage ranges based on any location throughout this great country we call ‘Murica. This allows our premium members an even bigger opportunity to save time with our service – they’re already saving metric truckloads of their hard-earned dollars, but now with an improved user experience they can instantly connect with the matches our custom algorithm pumps out in their area.  Pretty cool, eh?

We’re also hard at work wrapping up the final touches on our 100% responsive, HTML5 web design that you’ve surely dropped a jaw or two when you checked out our front page.  We now have most of the development work and conversion work complete for the interior of the site, and will be hitting the launch button right around the time our calendar’s strike 2015.  We can’t think of a better way to ring in the new year, and once you see and experience our new design in all it’s fully-responsive, mobile-super-friendly glory, we think you’ll agree!

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the December holidays, and if you haven’t taken our new search function for a test drive, what are you waiting for?  Did you know a six month membership at LFG costs a whopping $180 less than the big box online dating sites?  Yeah, we think it’s ridiculous too!  Thanks for stopping by LFGdating, and we hope you all had an awesome turkey holiday!


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