LFGdating's New Match Preferences Filter System is Live

New Feature: LFG’s Match Prefs Filter System is Live!

Cut the average new user registration time in half, remove the redundancy from the profile survey questionnaire, improve the matches browsing experience, and give more free match filters to the LFGdating community.  Those were just some of our primary goals in our most recent, and perhaps most significant web development project ever in converting our entire match preferences user survey into free-to-use match filters.  But you know what our biggest goal was?  It was making our members and new members – which arrive in insane amounts daily – happy, because they requested it, so we wanted to deliver.  And deliver we did.

As we previewed in our sneak-peak announcement just thirty days ago here on our blog, the new match preferences filter system is pretty epic when you see LFGdating through a before/after lens.  Before this easy-to-use filter system, members would have to literally cycle all the way through the match preferences questionnaire in order to re-filter their matches.  We’ll be the first to admit that setup was 100% inefficient, and both Casey and I wish we had the foresight to see that back when we first built the site; however, like Casey so eloquently stated in his most recent article about why this website has become so huge, the main reason why we keep growing at a torrid pace is because we simply listen and respond to our insanely awesome community.  Our members informed us this would make for a huge improvement, so not only did we listen – we delivered.

In total free LFGdating members now have access to 20 – that’s right, 20 – match filters that allow all users quick, one-tap access to reshuffle their matches based on preferred gaming genres, their match’s gaming personality, what languages they speak, how often they like to volunteer, or whether they’re preferred date involves 4th Meal or a cup of coffee.  We sincerely hope you not only enjoy this new match filter system, but that you continue to let us know how else we can keep improving LFGdating, because we will literally NEVER tire of making this better.

Thank you to our amazing user community for your stellar input, and if you haven’t created an LFGdating profile yet – click here to get started today!





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