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New Feature: Update User Settings

The LFG web development train keeps on rolling, even while one of us is moving across country and the other one is starring in three, soon-to-be-unveiled incredible commercials that are going to blow you away.  Much like the last dozen-plus web development projects we’ve implemented, this latest one – the ability to now easily update all your user settings in one spot – is no different.

While this isn’t the most amazing feature release ever, it does provide some essential functionality that quite honestly should have been there from the beginning.  With that being said, now users can quickly and easily update their username, password, city, state, country, zip, and even their email address and full name.  As I mentioned above, we’ve had a number of folks email us asking how to change their city, or how to update their password; now, if you happen to move to a new city (like me – what up ATL?) or finally move on from that “Hotmail” email account, you’re LFG account will be able to keep pace.

LFGdating User Settings Screen

Thank you to every single one of you who offered this great suggestion, and thank you to everyone out there in the LFG community who have made this such an incredible site. We LOVE seeing two gamers connect, and we love being the number one venue where it all happens.

Have a great rest of your weekend, and stay tuned for more site roll-outs!





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