New Study Shows Doing Good Makes Your Body Feel Better Than Feeling Good

Definitely not lacking in irony, this new study out by United Health Group shows that while we all want (and work) to feel good, nothing makes us feel better than actually doing good. And what better way to do good then volunteer on your next big date!

Now, before you start doubting this, or at least placing your doubt on hold for the next few paragraphs, think of the end result: you volunteered, showed off one of your best sides, and odds are probably didn’t spend too much money in the mean time (meaning more money for that second, third, and fourth date!).

Lunch or coffee is a great date idea – it can be quick, functional, and efficient. But it’s also quick, functional, and efficient, and that may not be what you want long term. Dinner and a drink or three may be a standard most of the time, but it may also be somewhat calculated and guarded.

Volunteering? Now there’s a possibility, depending on what event you choose, to really get to know somebody. Because volunteering isn’t about you, or him, or her – it’s about the cause. Imagine how much you can learn from your date by offering up a couple hours in a hospital during the holidays, or lending some hours to building a playground the next town over.

I once read somewhere that sometimes people don’t like to be around people they have failed relationships with because the only thing they have in common is that failed experience. That stuck with me for some reason. But this maybe a way, even if things don’t work out, that a whole lot of good can come out regardless.

Plus, volunteering is good – regardless if you’re on a date or not.


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