New WoW Patch Allows For Deleted Character Resurrection

Okay okay. We get it. We post a lot of World of Warcraft topics. But the game still is entirely relevant today and we’re watching a company deal with a beast much bigger than it ever imagined it being.

With an upcoming patch set to download before the WoD expansion, players will be able to un-delete deleted characters. Now, this is interesting. Really interesting. Why would Blizzard do this? It seems counterintuitive. If Bliz wants more people playing more, why allow them to revisit deleted characters? Bliz has already enabled a 1-90 purchase bonus for pre-ordering WoD.

I’m a realist and a pessimist at the same time, so I begin by saying Blizzard is doing this to make more money. But I’m also not completely soulless, and neither is Blizzard (check their item restoration policy). So maybe this is more for the fans than the bottom line. That sounds better.

Now, I never deleted a character over level 60, nor did I ever rage-quit and delete a toon that I spent days working on. That’s a whole new level of rage I’ve never encountered. My friends may say otherwise, but at least not in a WoW sense.

In the end, maybe Blizzard has wanted to do this for awhile and this is their pull for people who quit because they deleted a high level character. I just figure this is such a small demographic that they wouldn’t need marketing to target. Or they need too much marketing to target. I just feel like I’m missing something…




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