Plato’s Reality Machine Review

Plato’s Reality Machine is a film about longing for another world. A world where one gets to be exactly who she or he wants to be. Whether it’s through drinking, sex or video games, the main characters struggle balancing the pull of reality with the push of fantasy. This dissonance drives the characters into more and more convoluted and ultimately despairing self-realizations.

The success of this film rests on its ability to push this theme through multiple characters and story lines. In essence, not only the characters but the relationships as well struggle with healthy evolution. Nothing can advance without cost; not personal relationships, not advancement at work, and certainly not the characters themselves.

In the end, Plato’s Reality Machine is a valiant attempt at showing the world how video gamers’ lives merge with the real world. Sometimes during the film this gets lost in the dialogue, but it’s never overshadowed. The biggest plus is that while gaming is a part of the film, it isn’t solely the main reason for it. Just like gaming is an aspect of our lives; but it’s not the only dimension.






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