Profile Cover Photos Are Coming!

We are literally no more than a few weeks away before our 100% fully responsive, modern new web design will be unleashed across the rest of LFGdating, but we had do divulge a few of the exciting details.  Like profile cover photos: yep, you read that correctly.  If you thought our profile pages were tastefully simple before, wait until you see this. (You can actually see it above; click below for more details!)

LFGdating’s New Profile Cover Photo Sneak Peak

We have always striven for creating an elegant, dating-first-gaming-second experience for geeks and games since we first came up with the idea for LFG way back in 2007.  While we have been extremely happy with our current layout – and we have the feedback to back it up – we feel that our latest design, which will be completely rolled out throughout the interior of the site over the next few weeks, will finally allows us to truly reach the pinnacle of that goal.  At LFGdating we are all about eliminating the ridiculous gamer stereotypes, and with the end of 2014 drawing to a close, I can confidently say that we are winning that battle.

Alright, so let’s talk profile cover photos, shall we?  Perhaps the most exciting aspect of rolling out a cover photo feature, and my co-founder partner Casey said it best, is that it really creates an even bigger experience for the user.  Now when that curious LFG member checks out your profile, they will be able to get an even bigger feel for exactly who you are: your personality, your tastes, and even your quirks.  Show off your latest artwork, or a pic of you and your best friends; whichever route you choose, I’m sure it will make the other members smile.

As I mentioned above, we are just a few weeks at most until the remaining, interior portion of the new site is fully rolled out, and we could not be more excited!  Also as a reminder, LFGdating will be 100% fully responsive, which means the site will auto-adjust to each and every device and screen size you throw at it!  What does that mean? is now a walking iOS and Android app; just bookmark the site and save it to your phone’s homescreen, and you’re all set. We’ll even spare you the push notifications!

From everyone here behind the scenes at LFGdating, we want to wish you all a safe and stellar holiday.


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