The Future Looks Fantasmagistical at LFG

No, fantasmagistical isn’t a word, but when you’re this freaking excited about the future of LFG, I think you’re allowed to make a word up.  In all seriousness though folks, we couldn’t be more amped for what’s to come here over the next few months at LFG, and we think you will be too!  Hit the link below for all the juicy details and site spoilers!

The Future Looks Fantasmagistical at LFG

So let’s get down to business, shall we?  If you’re already an LFG regular, then you’ve surely noticed we have already begun rolling out our legitimately slick, 100% responsive HTML5 site design that flexes and adjusts to any screen size and/or device.  What does that mean for you?  Now LFG becomes even more portable, as you can now access the site, your matches, and all those exciting messages on the go with your smart phone, but just wait until you see the finished product.  With each and every day, we are getting closer and closer to unveiling the new design within the interior, members-only portion of LFG – to include new and improved profile pages, and overall a much more amazing user experience.  We have always been extremely proud of the simplicity and basic elegance of our original design, but through the stellar feedback from our awesome community, as well as the traffic/usage data we receive from our analytics tools we have been able to devise a new and improved LFG member experience that is honestly going to be hard to beat.  In other words, we are pumped!

Okay, so the new design is going to be finished up – what else?  Outside of the brand new design, I think the other biggest thing we are stoked about is the absolutely incredible user growth we have witnessed over the past ten months.  What’s even more incredulous is when we look back to our beta period last year, and then compare the numbers – the results are simply astounding.  While I could throw number after number out there, let me just select a few to show you what we’re dealing with (and why we are so freaking excited): in the past 19 days of October alone, the LFG Refer-a-Friend tool has been used a whopping 1,288 times.  Considering you can enter in as many as five email addresses of your single friends at a time in there, you can do the math on your own.  Or how about this staggering statistic: when we compared year over year new user growth, can you guess how many digits were in the percent increase?  Try freaking four, as in greater than 1000% growth (actually way ahead of that number as well)!

But the fun doesn’t stop there folks, as we have so much more going on here before the clock strikes 2015.  Like for example a totally new and improved premium match filtration system, something we’ll just call “bookmarks” for now, or the ginormous new advertising campaign we’re running from coast to coast to drive even more awesome new members to add to your matches pool; we have tons more going on, but I think you get the point!

For those who have already raised their LFG flag, you rock!  For those who are here for the first time, welcome!  And to all of you, we want you to know that LFG is here to stay.  We could not be more excited with what LFG has become, and we are in awe at what LFG will look like five years from now, because we will still be here.  You won’t be, because you will have already found love and had lots of geek and gamer babies, but we will!

Have a great Monday LFG nation!



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