Love is flowing in Stardew Valley these days!

Top 12 Funniest Stardew Valley Dating Tweets

What do you get when you combine Harvest Moon style gameplay with SNES-style 16-bit retro graphics?  Stardew Valley, the brand new farm simulator from ConcernedApe, that has literally taken the Twitch and video game world by storm.  Oh, and perhaps the coolest element about Stardew Valley: it’s also a dating simulator, so you can go on dates, fall in love, and get married to the 16-bit man or woman villager of your dreams.  So naturally, since this game has taken the Twitch and video game world by storm, we had to publish a top list of the funniest Stardew Valley tweets we’ve seen on Twitter.

So without further adieu, below please find the twelve best #stardewvalley tweets we’ve come across on Twitter.  If you’re not following that hashtag, and heck if you’re not following us (@LFGdating), then you’re sorely missing out on both fronts.  You’re also missing out if you haven’t at least tried Stardew Valley out on Steam – trust me!  Enjoy the Stardew Valley tweets, and best of luck in your 16-bit courtships!

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