LFGdating will be at Florida Supercon 16 - booth #1711!

Top 5 Reasons We’re Beyond Excited for Florida Supercon 16

Let the #hypetrain begin!  To say that Casey and I are excited for next month’s Florida Supercon 16 would be an understatement of epic proportions; in fact, I don’t think we could really put into words just how amped we really are.  And now that Florida’s biggest geek and gamer convention is less than 40 days away, we figured there wasn’t a better time to start kicking off the convention than with a top list featuring the biggest reasons why we’re truly excited for #supercon16 – and yes, when we start talking in hashtags, that means we’re really excited!


5. We get to prove the gamer dating and geek dating doubters wrong.

Since our beta launch we’ve been echoing a consistent theme here at LFGdating in that one of the foremost reasons behind our site is to put an end to the “gamer dating” and “gamer” stereotypes forever.  We actually expect some folks to walk by our booth – yes, we have a freaking booth! – and laugh, and even ask if this is a joke?  Heck, we think some people do that online when they arrive at the site – but that moment when they realize it’s not after we talk with them and show them the site on their mobile phone – that’s something we are absolutely excited to do.  LFGdating is for real, and our mission is to make sure everyone in Florida is well aware of that once the convention ends on America’s birthday.

4. We get to unveil something pretty fantasmagistical!

What good would having our own LFGdating booth be at one of America’s biggest cons if we didn’t unveil something awesome?  While it pains me to not be able to pull the curtains back on this in this post, just know that this is pretty freaking special, and while the folks at Supercon will get a first hand look, the entire LFGdating community will get to check it out as well!  More to follow on this one!

3. We get to LEARN how we can make the service even BETTER.

Our emails already get flooded with insanely creative and stellar feedback from the LFG community on how we can make the site and service better, but to be able to talk to our users face to face and garner critical feedback and suggestions in person is mind-bogglingly amazing, and we cannot wait to have those conversations.  While we’ve always preached and ran the site in a continuous improvement mindset, to be able to do it in real-time with users at Supercon 16 will just be awesome.

2. We have tons of awesome giveaways at our booth!

Did we mention we’ll actually have a freaking booth at Supercon 16?  Folks, if you’re in the South Florida area and you don’t come by and meet Casey and I at booth #1711, then you’re wrong!  We will be giving out some awesome giveaways for those who stop by and meet the founders, so what have you got to lose?  #freestuff4lyfe

1. We get to meet our users, and we get to tell them THANK YOU.

While the above reasons make us like a kid drinking his first Mountain Dew, the biggest reason we are beyond giddy for Supercon 16 is the fact that we get to meet our users in person, and finally tell them THANK YOU face to face.  LFGdating would not be where it’s at today, as the world’s most popular gamer dating site, if it weren’t for our insanely awesome users who have become legitimate advocates for us around the world.  We cannot thank each and everyone of you enough, and when we think about being able to meet our users in person at our booth next month for the first time all we can do is smile and count down the days.

We cannot wait to meet you all next month in Miami!  The LFGdating booth is #1711 so make sure you stop by and say hello!  Stay tuned for more on #supercon16 here on the blog, and if you haven’t signed up yet for LFGdating what in the world are you waiting for? Create a profile for free today, and see you next month in Florida!






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