Valentine’s Day 2014 Guide for Gamers

33 days, ladies and gentlemen (well, more for the gentlemen, really!) – that’s all we have left to finish up our 2014 Valentine’s Day preparations.  Have you booked that restaurant yet?  What about gifts?  Although most of us are probably still exhausted from the last holidays, it sincerely pays off to get your Valentine’s Day preparations out of the way as soon as possible, because your window of opportunity is closing.  So with that being said, we here at offer gamers – those that are already in a relationship, as well as those that are single – a definitive guide to everything Valentine’s Day 2014.

Non-Single Gamers Guide to V-Day 14: Restaurants

Your significant other has dropped the hints, and left the planning up to you: expectations are high, so now you just have to make it happen.  We cannot stress enough how important it is to jump on your Valentine’s Day planning early – as in yesterday – especially when we’re talking restaurants.  Whether you live in an urban area or Small Town USA, that hip, new restaurant that everyone is talking about is likely just about entirely booked up for February 14th; if you think you’ll be able to snag a table within the coveted 7-9pm time slots, you’re absolutely crazy.  Book that restaurant TODAY if you haven’t already, because time is running out.  At the very least, if your targeted restaurant is already booked on the 14th, it gives you the time to flex and search for the next-best place.

So where should you two lovebirds eat?  Well, that really boils down to what your significant other likes, and has been “hinting” at for the past few months, because you know he/she has.  If you haven’t picked up on any of those, or if he/she simply hasn’t been giving them, ask his/her friends, or just play to their tastes.  Please remember, especially you fellas, is that you do not have to spend a truckload of money on Valentine’s Day dinner; the key really is finding a romantic place that serves good food – that does not necessarily mean it will cost a lot.  Check out apps and sites like UrbanSpoon, Yelp, etc to find the best place this Valentine’s Day.  See – gamers can plan an awesome Valentine’s Day dinner too!

Non-Single Gamers Guide to V-Day 14: Gifts

High five!  Congrats on getting your restaurant booked; that is honestly the hardest part to do.  If you haven’t booked your romantic restaurant yet, let me give you one final parting shot: Geja’s Cafe, which is consistently rated as Chicago’s most romantic restaurant (it’s a fondue place, btw), sells out their Valentine’s Day reservations on average 10-11 months IN ADVANCE.  Yes, you read that correctly, so book your freaking restaurant now!  Alright, enough with dinner, let’s talk gifts.

When we talk about Valentine’s Day 2014 gifts, think about gifts in two ways: as an all-day event, and also one that can honestly be low-cost for your wallet.  The most common route gamers take, just like anyone else, is that of flowers, jewelry and sweets.  While those are all great options, those three categories can really drain your wallet, so thinking about V-Day gifts today rather than on February 13th gives you some time to grab some creative options.  If you live together, what about cooking him/her breakfast in bed?  Since V-Day this year falls on a Friday, what about having the local cupcake shop deliver cupcakes to her office at work?  While blowing paychecks at Tiffany’s almost always makes for a successful Valentine’s Day, you really don’t have to break the bank to make Friday, the 14th of February a day to remember.  Small, from the heart gifts throughout the day will go a lot further than diamond earrings.  Okay, maybe not, but you get the point.

Non-Single Gamers Guide to V-Day 14: Final Word

Valentine’s Day must be nothing but romance: turn off your work and personal cell phones, forget about that huge college basketball game that you wanted to watch so badly, and focus on your partner.  Is that really too much to ask?  That’s what your partner is expecting, so get disciplined and make Valentine’s Day 14 a day to remember!

Single Gamers Guide to V-Day 14

For our single gamers out there, 33 days is a huge amount of time to find that special someone to spend Valentine’s Day with. is the perfect place to get started, as thousands of real singles are getting matched with fellow gamers every day.  Who knows, if you register today, you may never have to worry about spending another Valentine’s Day alone for the rest of your life!  Because in the end, that’s what really matters: love.  We all deserve it, and all of us will find it – our goal at LFG is to help you get there that much quicker!

We want to wish everyone a romantic Valentine’s day 14, and hope everyone’s New Year is off to a great start!  Thanks for stopping by LFG, and have a great weekend!


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