Valentine’s Day Is Four Months Away, Gamers!

As a guy – excuse me, now married guy – I have experienced my fair share of lonely Valentine’s Days in years past.  I also have had years where I had completely forgotten about Valentine’s Day, only to scramble like a mad man in an attempt to find a last second dinner reservation and thoughtful gift for my then-significant other.  Finally, I have also had those Valentine’s Days in which I went on an online dating binge come February 1st, spending way too much money in a last minute attempt to secure a date when in reality, I should have invested my hard earned money – not to mention time – long before hand so that I could find more than just a Valentine’s Day date, but actual true love.

Valentine’s Day Is Four Months Away, Gamers!

Ask any geek or gamer when the next big game release is, and I guarantee it rolls off their tongues faster than you can even say “dude, that was just a hypothetical question.”  Like Dragon Age 3 – November 18th, 2014.  See what I mean?  But when it comes to finding love and navigating the relationships that goal requires, we often times seem to forget the big picture – and that in all honesty applies to all social groups, and not just geeks and gamers.  So what can we do about it then?

What we can do is simply look at the big picture: finding the one we are going to spend the rest of our lives with usually takes time.  Life, dating, and the pursuit of love rarely turns out like the movies, so why do we – myself certainly included – go online dating crazy come January 1st?  Is it the New Year’s resolution kick, or is it just the prospect of yet another Valentine’s Day alone – or worse, with someone you really don’t want to be with – simply breathing down our necks and forcing the issue?  I say let’s do the opposite: ladies and gents, we are now a little under four months away from Valentine’s Day 2015.  Why put off finding love in that mad house rush of a month we call February when we can properly invest our efforts now?

At LFGdating, we offer just that.  While I think we have all blown hundreds of dollars on a basic six month plan at the big online dating retailers, did you know a six month plan at LFGdating only costs $20?  That’s $3.33 a month – I spend more than that on coffee alone some days!  When you compare that to eHarmony for example, the savings are jaw dropping: you’ll drop an insane $180 bucks for six months.  That’s almost $200 dollars!  And do those big sites offer a one-time, lifetime subscription so you can really invest your hard earned money and time to find true love?  Nope – but LFG does, and our lifetime subscription is just $50 ($130 less than that crazy six month plan at eHarmony).

So what do you say?  Why wait until January 1st to start a new, and smarter New Year’s resolution on finding true love by choosing LFG, or even worse, why wait until February?  Create your profile today at LFGdating, and keep all that extra money where you can put it to more important things – like a nice Valentine’s Day dinner and gift for someone you LOVE.


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