Web Development FTW

4:51 cst After a wicked good order of Banh Mi sandwiches over at Local Foods here in H-Town, it was time to sit down, chug some more iced coffee, and start going through a slew of web development site improvements to make LFG an even better  user experience than it already is.  From multiple cosmetic improvements inside and out to some solid PHP optimizations throughout LFG’s structural foundation, we continue to strive to make LFGdating the best geek and gamer dating site on the Internet, and across all of your devices.

So first off, since we’re here on the blog anyway, you may have noticed that there’s no longer any ads here in the upper right (if you’re on a laptop/tablet/desktop), or at the bottom (if you’re joining us on your mobile phone or phablet).  Why the change to no ads throughout the blog?  That’s an easy answer: we wanted a cleaner look, and easier access to content.  Plus, and most importantly, less ads just makes people happier.

We’ve also gone ahead and began re-integrating our iconic LFGdating flag logo throughout the website, which you’ll notice in both the exterior and interior site top navigational menus (once you leave the blog).  Furthermore, we’ve also gone ahead and updated numerous pages with new information, as well as optimized other areas such as page load speeds, etc.

For the love of the gamer.

Heading now into the internal part of the site we’ve got even more work knocked out, and this is pretty cool stuff.  Outside of the heavy structural PHP improvements we completed, you also may notice a nice enhancement on your personal profile page, and your matches’ profile pages, specifically in the paragraph-form “About Me” section.  Whereas in the past that paragraph would display your survey answers in capitalized letters, now they are displaying in all lowercase which makes for a much more natural look and feel.

Lowercase FTW!

While this may not be the biggest revelation in programming history, we’re proud of it more than anything because our users requested it.  The amount of user feedback we get here at LFGdating is ginormous, so it makes us extremely happy to get the things done that our users want, and you know what?  We’re never going to stop.

Stay tuned for more updates as always, and thanks for stopping by LFGdating!






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