What to Play While in Quarantine: Shadowrun

Continuing our list of games to play while in quarantine, we’d like to share the good news of Shadowrun. 1993 was a great year. The Chicago Bulls first 3-peat. Jurassic Park released and made us crap our khakis. We even saw RBG become a US Supreme Court Justice. What a year.

Enter Shadowrun. Shadowrun was cyberpunk before cyberpunk was a thing. If you like Deus Ex AT ALL then this is a game you simply must play. If you’re into analogies, then this game is to Deus Ex as what Vagrant Story is to Final Fantasy XII.

Set off hard mode by entering the toughest rooms with the lowest health possible. Fun!

Shadowrun‘s best attribute was its creative game play. It’s almost a sandbox style game, but you can’t ever really venture too far from what you’re doing unless you’re straight up killing baddies for xp and money. Then grind away good sir.

If you want a game that will kill 4-10 hours of your life (depending on how much you like or hate to grind), this is a must-play. It’s totally dated and will make you wince at times like you do when you take your glasses off after wearing them for several hours. But it’s on a different level than most SNES RPGs.

Or watch someone else play through!

Have fun with the target while you shoot! Time to save the Pacific NW from an evil corporation!



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