Why Game of Thrones Season 6 Will Be the Best Yet

Jon Snow is dead. Or is he?

Tyrion Lannister is in position to help any number of factions. What allegiance will he choose?

Oh, and the dragons are back and better than ever. But when will they return?

Season 6 hasn’t even begun yet, and everybody is already on the edge of their seats. There’s been a general outcry over the fact that nobody outside of the leader of the free world has received an advanced screening. Season 5 broke all sorts of Emmy records. We’re even now ahead of the actual book series. So much to love about the start of this season that we all want to turn our calendars ahead to April 24. Luckily, the wait is almost over.

The biggest debate since the end of last season has been focused on the question of Jon Snow’s mortality. Is he dead? Surely no man can sustain those kinds of direct hits and live. But I do have Billy Mays’ voice ringing in my ears, “But wait! There’s more!” *POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT* Could Jon Snow’s father be Rhaegar Targaryen? If so, that would make him the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Just think, all during the first season, Ned Stark was raising a Targaryen right under the Lannister’s collective nose. Hmm. Interesting…

Or, does Jon Snow’s soul essence (for lack of a better description) leave him and enter a dire wolf? I don’t know if too many people believe this will happen, but how badass would it be to have a dire wolf running around with Jon Snow’s determined resolve? That would be like Michael Jordan’s soul entering Lebron James’ body.

Whatever happens, we can count on the Mystery of Jon Snow to be a pinnacle this season. We’ll be watching this season every Sunday night. Depending on what happens to Jon Snow, I may have a glass of scotch in my hand. Glenmorangie 15 year if his soul marries a dire wolf; Talisker 10 year if he’s a Targaryen. What fun is Game of Thrones if you can’t make a drinking game out of it?

Regardless of what happens, you can count on Game of Thrones taking over many comicons this season. We expect Supercon to be no different.

Mark your calendar for April 24. It will be epic.







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