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2022 Dev Update: New Website, New Apps

While every year at LFGdating has been exciting, 2022 is shaping up to be absolutely epic as our engineering team is set to deliver mammoth new versions of both the LFG web and app experiences.

What’s Coming with v3 on the Web

As we mentioned last year when we first gave the LFG community a sneak peak at v3 of our web app, we are literally rebuilding the entire site from the ground up and with improvement feedback from our amazing community. New infrastructure, frontend design, user experience, and maybe best of all, some incredible new features are in the works that will make your matches experience even more incredible. But what good would a preview be without screenshots? Check out the new LFGdating profile page on mobile web!

Mockup photo of LFGdating's new mobile web profile page on an iPhone 12.
New profile page design coming with v3!

Oh, and that’s not all. Maybe most exciting is coming across the pond, as v3 will be merging our UK-based website and community back into our .com experience, and with that we will be unveiling some outrageously cool functionality – that may even unlock our native app over in the UK …

Speaking of the LFGdating native apps –

Major Native App Update Imminent

After launching the LFGdating native apps, which had been long requested from the community, in 2019, we’ve been studying the heck out of what our members were doing so we could plan the next major release. Well, that update is nearly complete, and we’re insanely excited to ship this new app update out the LFGdating office doors for both iOS and Android. Here’s what’s new:

  • Matches geolocation update: this major update now aligns with the LFG web experience, and completely streamlines the matches feature.
  • Matches filter redesigned: the entire filter system UI in your matches screen on our native apps have been completely overhauled and optimized.
  • Backend overhaul: built with React Native, our apps team rebuilt much of the core infrastructure to catch up and align with the latest services and features for both iOS and Android.
  • Bug fix: browsing your matches is now saved, so if you tap into a member’s profile, and then navigate back to your matches, you won’t have to swipe or scroll back to where you were in your matches list.
  • Bug fix: we have also resolved a major, and seriously tricky bug, where some new subscribers on iOS and Android were not seeing their subscription take effect. Namely, in some cases members were seeing successful payments, but their LFG account was not seeing their premium access getting enabled. Well, this is now fixed, and it’s working perfectly.
  • Much more!
New filter system UI coming on our native apps!

We can’t wait to unleash both updates to the community, and expect to hear launch announcements on both extremely soon. On the app side we are weeks away at most, and the web delivery is shaping up to drop in weeks to months at most.

For those of you who haven’t raised your LFG flag yet, what are you waiting for? Click or tap here to create a profile today!







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