5 Do’s and Don’t’s for Online Dating

Online dating continues to be as prevalent in single people’s lives now as it has ever been. Whether you use a more traditional dating site, or whether you gravitate towards a more quickly-moving dating app, we’ve laid out 5 simple do’s and don’t’s for you to follow. These won’t guarantee you get an immediate match that knocks your socks off, but they will immensely increase your odds at finding someone meaningful.

Do start small to get a feel for the dating site/app. Play around with all the features and build a sense of how the service matches you with other people.

Don’t repeat yourself when answering questions and building your profile. If you like Fortnite, say it once – not in every paragraph. Say what you want to say once and then move on.

Do be authentic. When building your profile, include only honest answers that reveal a little about yourself.

Don’t be cliche. Yeah, I hear you. Cliches are cliches for a reason. But cliche answers don’t separate you from others as much as authentic answers do. Love grinding through levels in Azeroth? Why not say you love grinding through lower level zones in Kalimdor? You still get the message across without sounding cliche.

Do upload a real picture of yourself smiling. This might be most important.

Don’t upload ANY picture of yourself not smiling. Sorry. Billy Badass-look-at-how-cool-I-can-be-when-I’m-glaring-at-the-camera-lens doesn’t get the views nearly as much as pictures that show smiles.

Do write each message thoughtfully. Including a personal touch – no matter how small – can make the difference between a reply and silence.

Don’t copy and paste your messages. “Sup.” “What’s up?” “Hey.” Also don’t get much traction.

Do be patient. Some people check their profile only once every week or two. If you don’t hear back right away, that’s not abnormal.

Don’t quit within a week or even a month. Online dating in essence is like regular dating. You wouldn’t quit going to Starbucks or your favorite bar because you didn’t meet anyone there, right? Same thing with dating sites and apps. It may take some time. New people arrive every day.

Follow these 5 do’s and don’t’s and you’ll be in better shape than most. Sometimes the best way to rise is to let other people get in their own way while you just stay in the business of not making mistakes.


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