Editing Your Match Preferences – All Pros, No Cons

It’s great to know what you’re looking for. But life rarely makes things that easy on us.  In the words of Barney Stinson, “Want to hear God laugh? Tell him your plans.”

What LFG Dating.com offers you is a professional venue to meet people who share your passion for gaming.  We ask you what you are looking for in a person, and we take that seriously. Your matches directly correlate to your preferences. And in dating, as is in life, we surprise ourselves with the thought, “I didn’t know I would like that.”

Of course, in order to like something new, you have to try it. We’re not talking acquired taste like lobster or Gotye, we’re talking what attracts you to other people.

Which is why we encourage you to change your match preferences every now and then. It’s quick, it’s easy, and most importantly, odds are you will find someone new.

Which is why you are here in the first place.  That, and you are awesome. Let’s not count out the 500lb gorilla in the room.



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