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  • Looking for Group? Welcome to LFGdating

    Looking for Group? Welcome to LFGdating

    When Casey and I are out and about in IRL and LFGdating comes up, our non-gamer friends and folks we meet sometimes raise an eyebrow with our iconic brand: “LFG? What’s that?”  While the gaming community has known what LFG means since the spawn of MMORPG’s, it further confounds our listener when we tell them […]

  • 19 Nerdy Pick Up Lines for Gamers (Memes Included)

    19 Nerdy Pick Up Lines for Gamers (Memes Included)

    Let me be exquisitely blunt, friends: pick-up lines don’t work. Sure, sometimes you may garner a laugh, but you’ve probably got a better chance beating Contra without the Konami code than landing a phone number with a pick-up line – and NO, if you get one of these numbers it doesn’t count (thanks Buzzfeed!). So […]

  • LFGdating: Modern (Mobile) Gamer Dating

    LFGdating: Modern (Mobile) Gamer Dating

    Here at LFGdating our middle name should be Responsive.  Whether it’s our out of this world customer service straight from the founders, or our sleek, modern, and 100% responsive HTML5 web design, Casey and I are honestly considering dropping Thomas and Evan (I’ll let you figure out who’s is who’s) and plugging in Responsive.  Okay, so […]

  • #TBT LFGdating’s Design Has Come a LONG Way

    #TBT LFGdating’s Design Has Come a LONG Way

    11:12 P.M. cst With our Houston Live Blogging event in full swing, and since #TBT technically still is on like Donkey Kong for another hour or so in Texas, we thought what a better time to humbly showcase our original LFGdating site design.  So sit back, light a candle, and soak that sleek 2012 design in. […]

  • Find Love This Summer with LFG

    Find Love This Summer with LFG

    While the 21st of June has long been the official kick off to everyone’s favorite season, the true start date for summer ultimately depends on who you ask.  Ask a college student, and they’ll pretty much just tell you the date of their last final exam; ask a 9-5’er who hates his/her job, and they’ll […]

  • Why Yes, Of Course We Twitter

    Why Yes, Of Course We Twitter

    Do you Twitter?  We do, and we’re looking for more stalkers – sorry, followers – @LFGdating.  From breaking news, to site updates, dating advice, and even exclusive discounts and contest prizes, hitting the follow button @LFGdating definitely has its perks!  Hit the link below for more details!

  • The Power of Subscribing

    The Power of Subscribing

    Raise your hand if you’ve ever wasted hours, if not days out of your precious single lives filling out user profiles, personality tests, and sifting through countless “free dating sites” looking for love; I think we all have, yet why do we still do it?  I know why I attempted it years ago: the average […]

  • LFG: Checking Gamer Stereotypes at the Door

    LFG: Checking Gamer Stereotypes at the Door

    Raise your hand if you’re sick of the video gamer stereotypes?  Yeah, that’s what we thought; so do we.  Back in 2006, when LFG was still in a conceptual phase, we already knew what path we could cut through the dating market: a professional one.  Yes, we cater to the video gaming/gamer crowd, but LFGdating […]

  • HoldingTheLine Against Gamer Stereotypes

    HoldingTheLine Against Gamer Stereotypes

    Pop quiz for our faithful readers: how many features have we ran with about trying to break down those ever-stubborn gamer stereotypes?  You are right if you said this many.  (If you’re too lazy to click the link, the answer is 6.  7 if you count this one!)  Back in 2006 when the we concocted […]

  • Launch Day!

    Launch Day!

    First off, what an incredibly amazing and fun experience building LFGdating.com has been. Both Patrick and I cannot be more thrilled about our members and product. Secondly, thank you to all who helped out during our beta testing. Your comments and time on our site have given us invaluable data that has shaped and sculpted […]