Why Yes, Of Course We Twitter

Do you Twitter?  We do, and we’re looking for more stalkers – sorry, followers – @LFGdating.  From breaking news, to site updates, dating advice, and even exclusive discounts and contest prizes, hitting the follow button @LFGdating definitely has its perks!  Hit the link below for more details!

Why Yes, Of Course We Twitter @LFGdating

With nearly 500 followers, we have already garnered a solid following to go with the tens of thousands of single geeks and gamers who have raised their LFG flag and created a profile on our site.  While we post oodles of exceptional dating advice, profile tips, and site news, we also delve into the humor aspect of the world just to keep everyone smiling – and because that’s just our personality.  As we mentioned above, we will also be showcasing exclusive premium membership discount codes, as well as some awesome contest prizes that we have in the works which will only be available to our followers on Twitter.  So what are you waiting for?  Look us up on Twitter, and let the re-tweeting begin!

Haven’t created a LFG profile yet?  What are you waiting for?  It’s free to get started, and you’ll be checking out your matches within minutes!  Click here to register today! 



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