Looking for Group? Welcome to LFGdating

When Casey and I are out and about in IRL and LFGdating comes up, our non-gamer friends and folks we meet sometimes raise an eyebrow with our iconic brand: “LFG? What’s that?”  While the gaming community has known what LFG means since the spawn of MMORPG’s, it further confounds our listener when we tell them the literal meaning – “Well, it means ‘looking for group‘.”  “Oh, so … wait, what?”  Sigh.

LFG in its origins: /LFG (Courtesy of ElliotBack.com)

Once we elaborate on the true origins of LFG (we skip the /LFM part), and how much it turned into second nature for gamers in the early days of WoW, EQ, etc., our listener is fully tuned in as they realize that we put a little more thought into the site’s name instead of just “datingforgamers.com”.  And while the conversation typically turns into questions on how our matches work and what filters are available, when we’re talking to a surprised casual or hardcore gamer (as he/she realizes that yes, LFGdating.com actually exists, and we’re growing like crazy) the conversation often turns to whether or not LFG can simply be used to find another gamer to play with.  Our answer is always an emphatic, “Yes!”

Here at LFGdating we have gamers that range from casual all the way to hardcore, from League of Legend fanatics to casual retro gamers with everything from WoW stalwarts and The Division operators in between.  While there are plenty of reliable LFG tools out there for some of our favorite games (Destiny LFG, The Division LFG, etc.), LFGdating is also a stellar LFG tool in and of itself if you’re just looking to meet gamers to play with.  Because let’s face it, while single player is definitely fun (just ask Casey and my Goldeneye speed running obsession), it’s always better to raid with.  But best of all, with LFGdating there’s always that chance that friendship can blossom into something more, so why not give it a try?

Welcome to “Looking for Group” dating – ahem, LFGdating, where we’re all /LFG!






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