Find Your Player 2 – LFGdating Commercial Released!

We couldn’t be happier to release our first wave of commercials. If you’re already an member, you know how hard we work to not only bring you as many quality matches as possible, but we work to make sure that you’re surrounded by geeks and gamers that share your passions. This commercial focuses on our dedication to finding you the perfect match.

We partnered with Guy Clark from Guy Clark Moving Pictures to start building an online presence with video commercials. Because honestly, if we’re not expanding and doing everything we can to bring in new members and find you new matches, then we’re not working hard enough for you. And we want to work our tails off.

We also have to make good on our promises. When we talked earlier about these scripts getting better and better, we were like little children the night before Christmas. And no, that’s not a Tim Burton reference (even though that film is fantastic). When we get to partner with top-not talent to advertise LFGdating, it’s a win-win for everybody involved.

Two more commercials coming shortly! One involves a sandwich, and another involves the Contra code reference. Because nothing says gamer like the Contra code.


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